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TWO-O Sunglasses

When it comes to making consumer choices, human beings err on the side of emotion. Rather than selecting the most rational option, customers are easily enticed by the allure of gimmickry, novelty or convenience, perpetuating the rise of a throwaway society. Be that as it may, the same tricks of the trade are increasingly being used for the greater good, encouraging consumers to make better choices. At the forefront of this campaign is bobble.

Advocating the merits of smart, purposeful design, New York City-based company, Move Collective launched bobble in 2010. Their aim was to rectify people’s drinking habits by developing a reusable, filtered water bottle in lieu of the single-serve version. Available in a wide-range of colours and styles, bobble has emerged as a trendy, lifestyle accessory that doubles as an initiative to reduce plastic waste. Each innovatively designed, portable filter replaces the equivalent of 300 disposable bottles, propelling more and more people to source their water from the tap.

In working towards a sustainable future, bobble is the first of many visionary products that the company hopes to conceive. Practical as it may be, the brand is a stylish proponent of what should be considered the norm. Best leave it to good design to bring back common sense. ✌

bobble | Filter in Style

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