Indie BRANDS Event | Brewery Special

Indie BRANDS Brewery Special ©phillipqgangan2014Pakhuis de Zwijger*, Amsterdam played host to a spirited night of brewers, beers and brands at the 7th edition of the Indie BRANDS Event. Showcasing 16 of the best microbreweries in the Netherlands, the Indie Brands Brewery Special featured an inspiring evening of fascinating talks and exquisite beer tastings. With more than 243 independent breweries emerging over the last 10 years, craft beer making is rapidly becoming a Dutch phenomenon. While the market remains relatively small (roughly 5%) compared to other countries (15% in the US), microbrewers in the Netherlands are optimistic that there is ample room for growth.

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Indie BRANDS Event | Indie Brands on Wheels


Bicycle fever struck Pakhuis de Zwijger* Amsterdam during the 6th edition of the Indie BRANDS Event (28 March 2014). Bringing together an exceptional corps of bike makers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to the bicycle capital of the world, Indie Brands on Wheels featured an extraordinary night of compelling talks, independent brands and their highly coveted products. The evening’s festivities rightly honored the Netherlands’ most beloved mode of transportation: the bicycle.

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Unveiling Creativity | Stepping Behind the Digital Curtain

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Success is often followed by admiration. In any given field, even the most accomplished of individuals are inspired by someone else’s example. Indeed, our fascination with those whom we admire stems from our desire to walk in their footsteps, or in some cases, to surpass them. Thanks in part to the rise of social media, never in the history of humankind has following the success of other people been so conveniently possible. Still, there has always been an air of mystique surrounding these public personas.

At the 2nd anniversary of CreativeMornings Utrecht (14 March 2014), documentary photographer Marije Kuiper offered us a peek into the hidden lives of world-renowned creatives. As co-creator of the online documentary series Like Knows Like, she and filmmaker Bas Berkhout profile a host of talented artists, designers and musicians (among others) across the globe who are deeply beloved on social media. Throughout her career, Kuiper has worked tirelessly behind-the-scenes, in search of unique individuals, stories and settings, making the invisible visible.

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Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan: Professional Rebel Q&A

Innovation is an act of rebellion. Indeed, every new concept, service or system is essentially a departure from the way things were. Since no breakthroughs have ever resulted from sameness and routine, defying the old is the only way to begin anew. For innovation catalysts Linda Vermaat and Melissa Marijnen, only a rebel is brave enough to spark a revolution.

Recognizing the need to challenge the status quo in a rapidly changing world, the pair founded Professional Rebel in May 2012. Together with Meret Muntinga and Max Verloop, the team regularly organizes bike tours, programmes and events that inspire individuals to become rebels themselves. Convinced that independent brands are in fact rebels of their own revolutions, the agency has teamed up with Indie Brands for a very special startup tour.

Professional Rebel co-founder Linda Vermaat tells us more:

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CreativeMornings Utrecht | Hidden | Marije Kuiper

CreativeMornings Utrecht |  14 March 2014 | In De Ruimte (Oudegracht 230A) | 08:30 (AM) |  A creative presentation on Hidden by Marije Kuiper of Like Knows Like

CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute lecture, plus coffee!

In celebration of its 2nd year anniversary, CreativeMornings Utrecht will host its 23rd creative lecture at “In De Ruimte” (Oudegracht 230A) on 14 March 2014, opening at 08:30 (AM). Presented by Marije Kuiper, her talk centers on this month’s global theme: Hidden. As a photographer and documentary filmmaker, Kuiper often works tirelessly behind-the-scenes in search of unique individuals, stories and surroundings, making the invisible visible. Her latest project Like Knows Like draws back the curtain on well-known artists, creatives and the like, revealing the person behind the persona. In order to step into the light, Kuiper herself steps away from her camera to discuss her experiences with making choices, sacrifices and following her heart. ✌

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Changing Course | In Pursuit of Our True Calling

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Following our passion is easier said than done. From a very early age, we were convinced that life is comprised of a linear set of milestones that must be achieved in order to give it meaning: go to school, get a job, buy a house, get married, have kids, and the list goes on. By the time we realise that there is more to life than an archaic list of someone else’s goals, we may have given up on what interests us the most, assuming that we have already discovered what that might be. As a result, most of us tend to endure our chosen profession rather than enjoy it.

At the 22nd edition of CreativeMornings Utrecht (21 February 2014), psychologist-turned-illustrator Ellen Vesters proved that it is never too late to do what you love, as long as you are willing to work for it. As an artist and founder of online illustration concept store Urlaub, Vesters is undoubtedly a rebel-at-heart, leaving behind her former career to pursue her true calling. Although she admits that her change in course was not the smoothest of transitions, her struggles did not keep her from having fun along the way.

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Indie BRANDS On Wheels

Indie Brands on Wheels

On 28 March 2014, Indie BRANDS presents the 6th edition of the Indie BRANDS Event at Pakhuis de Zwijger* (Amsterdam). Featuring a night of compelling talks, independent brands and their highly coveted products, the evening’s festivities honours the Netherlands’ most beloved mode of transportation: the bicycle.

What was once considered a cheap and primitive way to get around has been (re)elevated into a symbol of freedom, creativity and regard for the environment. As a result, Indie Brands On Wheels brings together a bevy of bike makers, brands and enthusiasts –from bicycle magazines and accessories to bikes made from bamboo, wood and recycled materials– to talk shop, share their ideas and inspire us with their stories. With more than a million bicycles sold in the Netherlands each year, these ambitious entrepreneurs have set themselves apart from the rest of the competition and are more than willing to show us how to do the same. 


Friday, 28 March 2014
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
Tickets: 15 Euros


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