Bliss in a Bowl

This essay was published in the Manila Standard Today on 17 February 2012. Singapore is a super city like no other. From its humble beginnings as a tiny Malay fishing village, this highly progressive, technologically advanced and infamously law-abiding Southeast Asian nation has prospered into a booming megalopolis almost overnight. Known primarily for it’s shipping, banking and … More Bliss in a Bowl

Made Local

This essay was published in the Manila Standard Today on 19 November 2011 In recent years, there has been a growing trend in local manufacturing in the United States, Japan and much of Western Europe. This “slow movement” is distinguished by the production of goods in small batches, whose raw materials are locally sourced and … More Made Local

Colonial Mentality

This essay was published in the Manila Standard Today on 31 October 2011 Colonial mentality was a major issue during my upbringing in the Philippines. The expression was made popular at the height of the US Army Base boycotts during the early nineties. Primarily, this term referred to the favoring of imported goods, usually popular brands from … More Colonial Mentality