Making the Impossible, Possible | An Interview with Flybird’s Franky Boateng


Franky Boateng is the creator and founder of Amsterdam-based leather goods brand Flybird. This is his story:

“I came from humble beginnings. My mother raised me as a single mom to the best of her abilities and I admired her for that even from a young age. One of the biggest inspirations I have, therefore, is her. The determination and motivation she showed everyday without wanting to be praised for it was unbelievable and I knew that I wanted to show the same kind of determination and motivation for what I love as well.

When I was younger I used to watch a lot of western movies. I loved the story of the Lone Ranger, cowboys and indians and bounty hunters catching criminals.  Many years later, those Westerns would inspire me to craft many of my pieces. During my teenage years, I lived the rebellious life, always thinking that I knew best, never looking back at who I was affecting with my lifestyle. Fascinated by weapons thanks to the Western movies I used to watch as a kid, I collected old vintage weapons. I do have to address that I didn’t use them. But still, it got me into prison where I realized that I finally had to man up and become the man I always wanted to be.

I learned my craft from an inmate who was sentenced to life in prison. I realized that I didn’t want to end up the same way and so I worked on my skill everyday to improve, so that it would benefit me when I would be released. This way, I turned a negative experience into a good one. After I discovered my passion in prison, I turned it into my life goal. I attended fashion school to become more knowledgeable and come at par with my passion and motivation. I started Flybird and the rest is history.”

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