Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan: TWO-O

TWO-O Sunglasses

In today’s modern world, progress is forever at odds with nature. At a time when society is constantly inundated with technological advancements, bridging the gap between sustainability and rapid development is a Herculean task. As our materialistic values are admittedly slow to change, the key is striking a balance between conservation and consumption. Rising to the challenge is TWO–O.

As creative entrepreneurs with a conscience, Rodny Heemskerk and Bob Koning launched TWO–O in July 2011. At their studio in Amsterdam, the pair designs an ever- expanding range of stylish accessories –from bicycle crates and iPhone cases to cufflinks and bar blades– all made from recycled wood. Each piece is a unique expression of the material’s elegance and durability, blending natural beauty with timeless design.

With their hands-on mentality and a critical eye for detail, TWO–O aims to raise consumer awareness through the development of sustainable products. Their latest project –sleek, wooden sunglasses– seeks to inspire like-minded, eco-conscious individuals to make green choices. Coupled with their commitment to craftsmanship, TWO–O is a brand that goes against the grain. ✌

TWO–O | We Make Gadgets

✍ TWO–O is one of the many brands featured in the upcoming Indie BRANDS Event. Presenting a night of captivating talks, independent brands and their tantalizing products, the evening’s festivities put a spotlight on creative entrepreneurship, ingenuity and innovation.

☞ Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan, features profiles and interviews on up-and-coming independent brands on the Indie BRANDS blog.

For more information on TWO–O, Indie BRANDS and other brands featured in the Indie BRANDS blog, visit the websites below:


Indie BRANDS and the Indie BRANDS Blog

The Official launch of Indie BRANDS (book) was featured in the phillipqgangan website and can be viewed here: Indie BRANDS, the Launch

The 2nd edition of the Indie BRANDS Event (The Denim Edition) can be viewed here:   Indie BRANDS | The Denim Edition


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