Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan: Halbe Bier

The success of a revolution is determined by the strength of its ideals. While the overall goal is the achievement of societal change, the method relies on the principles worth fighting for. Nowadays, it seems that a Tweet is mightier than a sword. Yet, when it comes to the salvation of the arts in the Netherlands, Halbe Bier is the preferred weapon of choice.

In response to the overwhelming budget cuts across the cultural domain, Dutch artists Teun Castelein and Henriette Waal founded Halbe in 2011. Their aim was to create an idealistic beer, made by artists for artists. Satirically named after the Dutch State Secretary behind the inevitable austerity (Halbe Zijlstra), halbe is also the German word for pint. The beer’s profits are intended to subsidize the arts, while the artists themselves oversee the production.

Homebrewed in small batches by De Buitenbrouwerij (The Outdoor Brewery), the blonde ale is available in limited edition, hand blown glass bottles and mugs at an increasing number of cultural institutions in Den Haag and Amsterdam. Striving to promote a better world where art reins supreme, every poured pint is altruism in practice. More than just a tasty beverage, Halbe beer is art for art’s sake. ✌

☞ Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan, features profiles and interviews on up-and-coming independent brands on the Indie BRANDS blog.

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Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan


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