Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan: Mast Brothers Chocolate

Curiosity stems from an intrinsic desire to learn something new. In the right hands, this inquisitiveness can lead to a voyage of discovery, resulting in the most unexpected of revelations. For brothers Rick and Michael Mast, the truth could not be more delicious.

Yearning to make the best chocolate in the world, the pair founded Mast Brothers Chocolate at their New York apartment in 2007. What began as a genuine interest in the art of chocolate making has evolved into the resurgence of an artisanal craft. Not to be mistaken for chocolatiers, Mast Brothers is in the bean-to-bar business, employing intensive, small batch manufacturing to achieve optimum flavour. Their beans are sustainably sourced from an organic cacao co-operative in the Dominican Republic and shipped to Brooklyn by sail.

Contrary to the routine of mass production, each blend is purposefully devised as an inconsistent product, embodying a range of complex notes and dark tones. Elegantly wrapped by hand and made from all-natural ingredients, the bars are highly sought after by connoisseurs and chocoholics alike. More than the final product, the overall goal is to share in the adventure of how chocolate is made, rekindling a childlike sense of wonder with every delectable bite. ✌

The Mast Brothers from The Scout.

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Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan


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