A Call to Alms | Massive Flooding in the Philippines, August 2012

Philippine Flooding, Marikina City, Manila | 8 August 2012 |                                                        Photo Courtesy of: AP Photo/Aaron Favila

In the last 2 days, millions of people have been affected by the devastating floods in the Philippines after successive typhoons have hit the country’s Northern region. While the monsoon season brings heavy rains, Metro Manila has been paralyzed by nearly 2 months worth of rainfall in less than 48 hours. As a result, nearly 2 million families have been affected by the floods and more than half a million residents were evacuated, particularly in the lower areas of the capital and its surrounding regions.

Despite subsiding flood levels, emergency workers are overwhelmed by the number of victims of this calamity. Officials have appealed to volunteers to help gather and distribute relief goods to emergency shelters scattered across Metro Manila. Donations are currently being collected by various organizations in the form of cash, canned food, bottled water, medicine, clothes, blankets and hygiene kits.

We need your help. Please. Donate now and help save lives.

✍ For your donations and more information, please visit the following organizations:

Philippine Red Cross

Het Nederlandse Rode Kruis

Other organizations

If you know of other relief organizations accepting donations for the victims of the recent flooding, please do not hesitate to contact the author at phillipqgangan@gmail.com in order to include the aid information on this post. ✌

#ReliefPH #RescuePH #PrayforthePhilippines


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