Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan: Atelier de l’Armée

Few words can describe the intrinsic beauty that comes with age. The look and feel of a truly well made item, for example, is refined by its everyday use. Indeed, there is a genuine aesthetic in all things old, worn and imperfect. Paying homage to this ideal is Atelier de l’Armée.

Driven by their passion for military fabrics, Elza Wandler and Joost Doeswijk founded Atelier de l’Armée in January 2012. From their humble workshop in Amsterdam, the couple breathes new life into surplus military wear, offering a collection of carefully selected, secondhand pieces as well as one-of-a-kind packs and totes.

Handcrafted from recycled, combat-ready materials, their bags are built to survive the ravages of war, aging gracefully over time. Each piece is a work of art, requiring at least 7 hours of manual labour. The result is an exquisite product of the highest quality.

While contemporary design and commitment to craftsmanship are essential to the brand’s doctrine, embracing every stain, fade and fray is most certainly the core philosophy. That their products last a lifetime is a testament to their make. Thus, every Atelier de l’Armée kit must be well worn with pride. ✌

☞ Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan, features profiles and interviews on up-and-coming independent brands on the Indie BRANDS blog.

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Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan


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