Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan: Kings of Indigo (K.O.I.)

“Recycle, Repair, Re-use” is not what you would expect as a business philosophy, least of all from the denim industry. Indeed, sustainability and jeans is an unconventional partnership with the dominance of mass production. Yet, for Dutch premium denim label Kings of Indigo, going green is not simply a corporate responsibility, it is in fact their main priority.

Established by Tony Tonnaer in 2011, K.O.I. prides itself in crafting American classics with a Japanese eye for detail. Made close to home from recycled cotton and organic fabrics, the denim is cut into authentic, five-pocket silhouettes with clean lines and crisp details. Each pair is built to last so that customers can enjoy their denim for as long as possible. The brand even maintains a denim repair service and encourages its customers to return their old jeans when purchasing new ones.

That quality suffers when sustainability is introduced is an idea misconstrued. The responsible use and reuse of hi-test selvage makes K.O.I. a cut above the rest. The jeans say it best: Every garment made with a conscience. 

☞ Kings of Indigo is one of the many brands featured in the upcoming Indie BRANDS Event. Dubbed The Denim Edition, the gathering aims to celebrate this most democratic of fabrics with a night of thought-provoking talks, independent brands and their must-have products.

Indie BRANDS x phillipqgangan, features profiles and interviews on up-and-coming independent brands on the Indie BRANDS blog.

For more information on Kings of Indigo, Indie BRANDS, the Indie BRANDS | The Denim Edition and other brands featured in the Indie BRANDS blog, visit the websites listed below:

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The Official Launch of Indie BRANDS (book) was featured in the phillipqgangan website and can be viewed here: Indie BRANDS, the Launch

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