CreativeMornings Utrecht | Futureproof: Implementing Global Trends in Your Work/Design | Inaugural Lecture by Tessa van Asselt | 30 March 2012

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CreativeMornings Utrecht | 30 March 2012 | In de Ruimte (Oudegracht 230A) | 08:30 (AM) | @CM_Utrecht | @phillipqgangan | 30 x 30 We are all creative equals

CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute lecture, plus coffee!

On 30 March 2012, CreativeMornings Utrecht will host its inaugural lecture at “In De Ruimte” (Oudegracht 230A), opening at 08:30 (AM). Delivered by Tessa van Asselt of TrendsActive, the talk centers on the basic principles of trend interpretation, sharing some examples of how they are used in real life situations. Her agency, TrendsActive, specializes in the identification and translation of social cultural trends into the development of business strategies, communication tools and design concepts. Over the years, the firm has worked with Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations alike, catering to a broad group of clients such as Tetra Pak, Coca-Cola and Ikea.✌

For more information on CreativeMornings Utrecht and CreativeMornings™, visit the websites listed below:

CreativeMornings | Utrecht and CreativeMornings™

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