Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project by Coca-Cola

There is no denying that Coca-Cola‘s global brand recognition goes far beyond its ever popular, carbonated soft drink. With an iconic, type-faced logo, catchy tag-lines and prolific marketing strategies, the brand has always been a household name. Nevertheless, the Coca-Cola Company is also highly committed to “making a positive difference in the world.” This Christmas, the brand has truly outdone itself with its “Open Happiness” campaign, particularly in the Philippines.

With more than 11 million Filipinos working overseas, the Philippines considers its people to be its most valuable export. In a country where the legality of divorce is not acknowledged, labor migration is the major cause of broken families. Oftentimes, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are separated from their loved ones for an interminable amount of time, all for a chance at giving their children, siblings and parents a better life.

Given this reality, Coca-Cola asks the question, “What is happiness?”

To the millions of brave Filipinos working abroad, happiness is home. ✌



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