Urban Art as Social Activism

Bringing together some of the finest street and graffiti artists from across the globe, the Wynwood district of Miami has been transformed from a forgotten warehouse quarter into a haven of public art. Strewn across the industrial landscape is a collection of vibrant, awe-inspiring murals of monumental proportions. With each masterpiece, a rich dialogue is continuously initiated between the artists, their shared personal narratives and the viewing public.

Mexican graffiti artists Sego and Saner (featured in this video) invest in this creative discourse through an imaginative dreamscape. Their mural seeks to act as an agent of change, aiming to reshape world perspectives on their motherland, culture and people. Ultimately, their art strives to influence the passive observer to think critically and become agents of positive change themselves.

The principle that art has the power to create and recreate is clearly evident with the Wynwood Walls. The project has not only revitalized a previously dilapidated Miami neighborhood, it has also made available a public platform for a truly-under appreciated art from, giving it the attention and respect is rightly deserves. ✌

For more information on the Wynwood Walls and artists featured in this video, visit their websites listed below:

The Wynwood Walls

Sego & Saner


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